Notarization and Legalization

* Arrangement of HK / China / International Legal certification document
* Arrangement of Apostille Service / Legalization document by Embassy
* Service is referred to recognised "Solicitor Firm"for handling

Item Document Details Price Time taken(working day)
Notarization by China-Appointed Attesting Officers
(1 original + 1 copy)
Company document
(CI + BR)
HK$4,000up around 4days
Company Information HK$7,000up
Bank Reference Letter HK$7,000up
Notarization by Notary Public Company document
(CI + BR)
HK$ 3,500up around 6days
Company Information HK$4,000up
Bank Reference Letter HK$3,500up
Apostille Company document HK$6,500up around 10days
Legalization by Embassy Company document HK$14,000up around 20days